Apartment Interior in Modrany, Prague

Interiér bytu v Modřanech
a desk and a library in a living room


Apartment Interior in Modrany, Prague

Place: Prague, Czech Republic
Type: Interior design
Size:  90 m2
Client: undisclosed
Team: COLLARCH - Shota Tsikoliya







The object of the design is the interior of an apartment in a new building in Modřany. Among the advantages of a new-built apartment is a consistent and reasonably high level of construction work and equipment, a modern layout and contemporary spatial standards. However, it is often necessary to complement these important qualities with a specific interior according to the needs and visions of the inhabitants. The adaptation of a high-quality yet generic project to a custom-made, original and tasteful interior was the main goal of the design.

The connecting element of the whole interior is the built-in oak furniture. Its massive form is underlined by the rounded corners of the cabinets, which give the furniture a monumental expression and at the same time highlight a smoothness of movement within the interior. The ordered division of furniture elements brings rules to an otherwise free spatial composition.


Hostivar po rekonstrukci


The living room is dominated by a variable working area and a minimalist kitchen. The working area consists of a library with a desk. Its austere geometry includes folding oak doors, behind which are hidden black bookshelves. The kitchen also combines the natural elegance of oak and the purity of black surfaces. Lit by a hidden LED strip, it forms a neutral background for what is important in the kitchen - food preparation and dining.

In the center of the living room there is a custom-designed circular lamp, a shape and location of which connects the working, relaxing and cooking parts of the room. The minimalist and austere character of the apartment is highlighted by the softness of the curtains, which let ambient daylight into the interior and thus create a soft and pleasant atmosphere.


Hostivar po rekonstrukci
Light in the living room